The Experience

“Working with Yasmeen is a great experience. She’s professional but fun, works efficiently but also brings a calm, unhurried approach to shooting. She’s open to inspiration and ready to say, “Hey, follow me over here for a second” when she spots a background you never knew you’d love, but turns out to be so flattering. I also really appreciated being able to review photos on her computer mid-session, so we could be sure we were getting what I needed. My biggest problem now is that I have too many good choices.”
-Anne D

“Working with Yasmeen is always a phenomenal time She helps bring out my inner confidence & superstar status each & every time I get in front of her lense”
-Rico K

“Shooting with Yaz is like hanging out with a great friend. Always fun and comfortable. And then somewhere somehow some amazing photos are taken”
-Brett A

“All photographers take pictures, but Yasmeen Jackson Anderson does much more – she conjures up and uniquely captures the true essence of her subjects. Working with her has been an exceptionally fun experience for both of my kids, and her portraits of them are incredible.”
-Lauren P

“Love working with Yasmeen! She makes you feel comfortable and is extremely professional. Her work is fantastic and she captures great moments.”
-Camellia R

” As a fellow photographer and good friend, Yasmeen took some of my all-time favorite photos of me while doing test shots and just having fun shooting in the studio together. She’s a rare combo of talent, ease, technical savvy and fun!”
-Lisa G

The Process

A headshot has to capture your essence and energy, even communicate branding—so agents and casting professionals can genuinely get to know you at a glance. The environments in which we shoot definitely influence how they’ll see you, so let’s pick perfect spots together. Before the session we’ll speak to discuss your needs and so I can get an idea of your personality. It helps me plan the session. We’ll decide on locations and discuss wardrobe. If you decide you want to work with my stylist, this is when we’ll invite her to get involved.

Sessions can take place in my Summit, NJ studio or on location. Depending on the package you choose and your planned looks, we may even have time for both, showcasing you in both natural light and as you’d appear lit for film/TV or print.

For outdoor shots, I’ll mostly keep to the shallow depth of field (blurred backgrounds) that have become the industry standard. In the studio, we’ll shoot against a white or grey background (Let’s talk if you’re interested in other colors.)

Throughout the shoot, you’ll be able to look at the photos I’ve taken on my computer, which stays tethered to my camera. We can talk about your favorites and what we’re missing, what we love and what to explore more deeply. Most actors don’t model every day. I’ll do everything I can to help you nail it on the day you really need to.

Working with me is very chill. I’m a no-drama, make-it-happen kind of person, while keeping the atmosphere light and fun. Mostly, I believe in being an open collaborator, helping you capture that one moment that can become your calling card. This is not me projecting who I think you are—this is us, working together to draw out the person who’ll walk into every audition: you.

My two favorite compliments, and the ones that seem to come up frequently, are that actors enjoy the sessions and feel the photos really look like them—only better. That’s when I know I’ve accomplished my goals: making you comfortable with the process, and sending you off with great choices for your most important professional tool.

The Full Refresh – $895

  • Up to 5 looks
  • 4 hour session
  • Indoors & outdoors (weather permitting)
  • Wardrobe Styling Included**
  • Online gallery of your images (which you can “favorite,” sending those favorites on to your agent and friends/family for feedback)
  • All photographer-approved*, unretouched images from the session (approx. 200)
  • 10 retouched images
  • Additional retouched images available at $30 each

General Update – $595

  • Up to 3 looks
  • 2 hour session
  • Indoors & outdoors (weather permitting)
  • Online gallery of your images (which you can “favorite,” sending those favorites on to your agent and friends/family for feedback)
  • Your favorite 25 images from among the photographer-approved selects* from the session, unretouched
  • 5 retouched images
  • Additional retouched images available at $30 each

* I will take a first pass through our session to remove images that are almost identical, eyes closed, etc.

Hair & Makeup

For all sessions I recommended using a Hair/Makeup Professional.  I have relationships with people that I can recommend.

**Wardrobe Styling

For the Full Refresh package, wardrobe styling is included.  It can be added to the General Update package.

When Stylist Kerry Cordero works with you on your actor headshots, she makes sure that both your genuine style – the part of you that enlivens everything you do – and your professional brand are visible in your photos. She’s great at asking the right questions so that you know how to describe both.  You’ll also find out which colors make you look brighter and happier, how to use the colors in your eyes so that you really connect with your viewers and how to frame your face with the most flattering neckline. 
  • Half hour phone call to discuss style and brand and review your existing head shots or pictures.
  • Email from Kerry that describes your style and brand accompanied by recommendations for colors and necklines. You’ll also receive the Get Ready list which tells how to prep your wardrobe for the photo shoot.
  • Follow up between Kerry and Yasmeen in which wardrobe and styling details are communicated. 
For an additional cost, you can schedule a Personal Styling Session where she reviews your existing wardrobe and create the outfits for the photo shoot or a Personal Shopping Session where we meet in the store to purchase new clothes for outfits.