Directions to Summit Studio:

12 Woodcroft Road, Summit, NJ

There is a circle at the end of the road, park in the circle ON THE STREET.

The studio is the smaller builder to the LEFT of the garage and has 2 glass doors. It is next to the gazebo.


Directions to Little Falls Factory Studio are:

101 East Main Street, Little Falls, NJ

Building 5, 3rd floor

Look for these signs outside:
– Kelly Custom Guitars & Repairs
– Clarion Office Furniture
– Ovadia

If you see a Quickchek you are on the WRONG side of the bldg.



Please make sure you have prepared your body for the shoot. Make sure you have your body newly shaved where you need to be and do your best to take care of your skin leading up to the shoot.


Men: If you want to have some scruffy photos and some clean shaven, bring a razor.


Women: Make sure your nails are done. You don’t need nail polish, but if you have it, make sure it’s not chipped.



Make sure all your clothes are ironed and clean with no rips or stains.

Try to match logos and brands as much as you can.


Bring any equipment specific to your sport. I have some work-out equipment, but not sport specific.


-Fitness Clothes-


Spandex Shorts

Long Spandex


(Women) Sports Bras


Long Sleeve Exercise Shirts


Fitness accessories like earphones, water bottle, workout gloves.


-Regular Clothes-

If doing headshots, bring something with a good neckline for your body, not too much cleavage for women.

Simple, plain, no patterns tops that flatter – more fitted is more flattering.

Leather jacket (optional)


White t-shirt

Belts, sunglasses and other accessories



Depending on the package you chose, we will either shoot for 3 or 5 hours. During the shoot we will be looking at the photos on my computer and selecting our favorites as we go.



You will then be presented with a gallery of the photos a few days after the shoot. You can favorite the ones you like and just view those favorites to narrow down to the final images you receive. 10 images for regular sessions and 15 images for extended. You can always purchase additional images for $30 each. I do not release unretouched images. Please don’t edit or put filters over the images once you receive them. Once you have selected your images I will retouch them and send you a link to download your images.


I’m looking forward to working together! Please contact me with any questions.