Yasmeen Anderson

Photographer creating impactful imagery of bodies – fitness, movement, power, strength, confidence and sensuality. With camera in hand and a creative eye complemented by 15 years in corporate marketing and an MBA, I am building a business as a people shooter collaborating with clients looking for images that elicit an emotional response from the viewer. My goal is to raise your heart rate.

Bodies in Motion – Fitness Photography
Bodies in Clothing – Lingerie, Apparel

The Buzz


“As a psychologist in private practice, I had wanted for quite some time to have professional headshots created yet was too apprehensive about the process—and the potential results—to do anything about it.  When a colleague showed me his professional pictures taken by Yasmeen I thought they were amazing.  He was so enthusiastic about her it gave me the “courage” to finally give it a go and I contacted Yasmeen.  Immediately Yasmeen put me at ease, suggesting we use a familiar place, my home, as a locale and talked to me about the entire process listening to all of my concerns and fears about having pictures taken.  In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, only to be even more pleased 2 days later when I saw the results, which were superb.  I couldn’t believe it.  Yasmeen is awesome.  She’s warm, fun and easy to be around.  She’s intelligent about her craft and enjoys teaching you what she’s doing throughout the process.  The next time I have pro photos taken, either of me or my family or for an event, I will now make sure to call Yasmeen first.  Thank you Yasmeen!”  – Nicole Schaffer

“Yasmeen Anderson lets her genius flow through her.  I had a mini headshot session with her recently and although I had no experience getting a head shot, I felt immediately as if I was in good hands.  She gave me clear instructions so we could get the best shots and angles that suit my profession and my appearance.  She seemed to give it her all so that I would have great results and that I did when I got my proofs.  I never thought I was very photogenic until I saw the beautiful photos she created for me.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants beautiful photos in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.”

Model Photos

“I was so exceptionally thrilled with my experience with Yasmeen! From the moment we scheduled the shoot her professionalism and attention to detail were obvious. She asked me many questions in an effort to guarantee that my photos would not only be beautiful but reflective of my individuality. I have not had professional photos done in about 20 years but all my anxiety disappeared as Yasmeen very kindly put me at ease. She made the process pressure free and we had a great time. The photographs were even better than I had hoped! I would highly recommend Yasmeen and I look forward to working with her again. Trust her to work her magic; You won’t be disappointed!” Heather Delaney